How to write a law related dissertation

All research students are required to submit a dissertation based on their research work. To write a law related dissertation, one needs to keep a few key points in mind to ensure the paper turns out to be the researchers’ best submission.

Law dissertation is unlike essay writing which involves mere paraphrasing large volume of contents. A dissertation demands thorough analysis and an end result that is convincing. As for legal writing, it is important that the paper produces an outcome that resolves the issue unarguably. There should not be generalizations as they do not have an impact on the reader. Arguments and persuasions are an integral part of legal writing where each argument should be supported with valid sources.

Another critical aspect of a law dissertation is the proper usage of words. Terms like ‘numerous’, ‘Obvious’, ‘simply’, ‘I think’, ‘I feel’, are all considered extremely generic and can raise questions on the accuracy or authenticity of the subject being discussed. It is advisable to refrain from using such generalizations unless as examples. Use of rhetorical questions should be minimal as the readers favor declarative statements than questions. Since the dissertation is related to law, it is best to avoid broad statements like ‘this is illegal’ or ‘unconstitutional’. Such usage requires strong citations to back the claim. Unless the researcher is able to provide any direct references from constitutional clauses, it is preferred to refrain from making such statements. Citations need to be from primary sources like constitutional sources, clauses and judicial decisions. In addition to this, instances from secondary sources like law text books and reviews can aid the researchers theory derived from primary sources. As for law students, words are the most powerful tool and one should use them wisely to reap maximum benefits. The mantra to writing a perfect law dissertation is being confident of your stand, and taking help from an expert helps you to attain that level of self-assurance.