What Methodology to Adopt ?

To write a law dissertation, the methodology to adopt is a set of clearly defined instructions that should be kept in mind. To begin with, one should understand that legal documentation is always persuasive. Hence each dissertation will require a unique style without much change to the methodology being adopted. A thesis is unlike an essay and confusion begins right from deciding where to begin. This can be handled by initiating the writing work once the entire research is completed. This gives a complete picture about the subject, the details that need to be handled, the sequence to be followed and all other such relevant specifications. It becomes quite simple to arrive at a draft version once such aspects are made clear.

A paper can be classified into three sections on a broad sense- Introduction, argument and conclusion. Once the research is completed, it is wise to begin the writing from the argument. Argument requires discussion of concepts rationales that the individual had planned to concentrate on. After this, the conclusion should be attempted only when the researcher is clear of what to arrive at and in which particular manner. At last, the introduction requires a major portion of the effort planned for writing. This section needs to be written to the best of the researchers’ ability as the section plays a key role in grasping the attention of the reader and creating the interest to read further.

Once the dissertation is done, it is best if the researcher proof reads’ the paper by himself. Apart from detection and correction of errors, the main motive of this reading would be ‘reading the subject from the readers’ view’. This is because no reader will be interested in knowing the amount of time or effort on the paper. It is only the dissertation that is capable of creating an impact on the readers’ mind. Hence, the individual should read it from a third persons view to identify the flaws in the paper.